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Quality certificates

Genuineness and purity of all our cultures are being verified through regular microbiological tests. This ensures that your organic Kombucha and Kefir cultures from Wellness-Drinks solely contain desired bacteria and yeasts but no unwanted germs or whatsoever. Respective cultures are therefore steadily being checked and certified by a state-certified, independent laboratory for food chemistry (

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Kefir: Organic Certificate

Wellness-Drinks Organic certificate

Kefir Certificate 2019

Kefir certificate 2019

Kefir Certificate 2017

Kefir certificate 2017

Kefir Certificate 2016

Kefir certificate 2016

Kefir Certificate 2015

Kefir certificate 2015

Kefir Certificate 2014

Kefir certificate 2014

Kefir Certificate 2013

Kefir certificate 2013

Kefir Certificate 2012

Kefir certificate 2012

Kefir Certificate 2011

Kefir certificate 2011

Kefir Certificate 2010

Kefir certificate 2010

Wellness-Drinks is proud to be one of only a few German providers who sell Kombucha and Kefir (Milk Kefir, Water Kefir) officially with a business registration. We are not selling our cultures in our “free time” nor do we advertise our products “privately” or as a “hobby”. Only this way ensures that our production is regularly being checked by the responsible and independent state bodies. Responsibility is taken by the official veterinarian service of the public order office of the city of Frankfurt am Main. The service officials conduct frequent checks in our food processing facility and minutely advise us on our hygiene concepts.

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