Die Herstellungsanleitungen für den Kombucha Teepilz, Wasserkefir Kefirkristalle und Milchkefir Kefirknollen

Our Quality Guarantee:

Security for your own production of Kombucha and Kefir (Milk Kefir, Water Kefir) at home – guaranteed!

Growth Guarantee

For nearly two decades now, we ship Organic Kombucha, Organic Kefir, and Organic Water Kefir of the highest quality that have been grown by us with the utmost care fully suitable for your easy home brewing – purely natural and traditionally, following time-proven and centuries-old guidelines. If you follow our Kombucha recipe, our Kefir starter guide and our Water Kefir instructions, you will succeed for sure. Gladly, we therefore give you a Growth Guarantee – if our cultures may not start growing successfully for any reason, we will deliver replacement to you for free alongside detailed support via email. Thanks to regular quality certifications and our professional experience, nothing will go wrong – you have our word on that.
We may invite you to learn more about our “Bio”-Manufactory and its founder André Götz on our About Us page: Wellness-Drinks – A Modern “Bio”-Manufactory

Our Quality: 100% Organic

As a modern workshop for the “Organic” lifestyle and direct distributor, we may officially guarantee: All our Kombucha and Kefir cultures are from certified organic farming only. All our starter-kits from Wellness-Drinks carry the official “Bio” label fully in accordance with all EU-Eco-regulations (eco control authority DE-OEKO-006). The respective company ABCERT AG (in Esslingen, Germany) verifies and certifies our best practices in the handling of Kombucha and Kefir regularly. Please click here for our current “Bio certificate". This “Bio” label may only be used by companies that undergo relevant inspections by an authorized eco control authority on a regular basis.

Freshness Guarantee

Our purely natural and traditionally grown Kombucha and Kefir cultures are no dried goods, ferments or sterilized finished products but live and vital starter-kits which you may continue to grow practically unlimited at home. All our Kombucha scobys, Kefir grains and Water Kefir grains will be carefully packed for you just right in time at the date of dispatch. This additional effort guarantees for your culture being sealed no longer than absolutely necessary and makes it easy for you to further grow your culture after delivery.

Regular Checks

Genuineness and purity of all our cultures are being verified through regular microbiological tests. This ensures that your organic Kombucha and Kefir cultures from Wellness-Drinks solely contain desired bacteria and yeasts but no unwanted germs or whatsoever. Respective cultures are therefore steadily being checked and certified by a state-certified, independent laboratory for food chemistry (www.labor-mang.de). For your convenience, you may consult the latest as well as all previous results from throughout the last years here: Kombucha Certificate, Kefir Certificate, Water Kefir Certificate, Ginger Root Certificate.

Guaranteed Growth

The production of our Kombucha and Kefir cultures takes place in a professional environment with proper rooms accredited for food production. These production rooms are subject to legal regulations and inspections by the public order office of the city of Frankfurt am Main. Wellness-Drinks is proud to be one of only a few German providers who sell Kombucha and Kefir (Milk Kefir, Water Kefir) officially with a business registration. We are not selling our cultures in our “free time” nor do we advertise our products “privately” or as a “hobby”. Only this way ensures that our production is regularly being checked by the responsible and independent state bodies. Responsibility is taken by the official veterinarian service of the public order office of the city of Frankfurt am Main. The service officials conduct frequent checks in our food processing facility and minutely advise us on our hygiene concepts.

Climate and Environmental Protection

Sustainability, climate and environmental protection are very important to us for over 10 years now. Since many years, Wellness-Drinks is partner of the environmental protection program “GoGreen” of Deutsche Post / DHL. The objective is to offset and thus reducing any CO2 emissions resulting from an order. All packages within Germany will be sent carbon-neutral – guaranteed! Furthermore, we run our website(s) exclusively with 100% CO2-free and eco-friendly hydroelectricity from Naturstrom AG; and we primarily focus on re-using the packaging materials from our suppliers and partners as well. Please find out more about Wellness-Drinks and related climate and environmental protection [GERMAN PAGE].

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