Kombucha Recipes:

Das prickelnde süßsaure Kombucha-Aroma lässt sich in vielen Rezepten integrieren und verleiht vielen Gerichten den letzten Schliff.

Copying Allowed: Delicious and Healthy Recipes with Kombuchaa

The following recipe suggestions are not intended for setting up a new Kombucha culture medium. Please use a fully finished Kombucha drink for our recipes. This way, you get a wonderful variety in your teacup and for your family! You may also combine the Kombucha drink with further ingredients which the SCOBY would actually not tolerate while fermentation itself. The sweet-sour flavor of Kombucha is a great deal for various recipes giving many classics the final touch or even a brand new harmony… Some ideas would have had never come up to your mind!

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