Water Kefir – Questions about Products and Shipping, How to Buy and Order Water Kefir Online


Frequently Asked Questions about Water Kefir

Water Kefir: Buy and Order Online

How can I purchase my own Water Kefir grains?
It’s easy with Wellness-Drinks to buy and order Water Kefir grains for your own Kefir drink!
Order now your hygienically and securely packed Water Kefir grains

It’s easy to buy and order Water Kefir grains for your own Kefir lemonade with Wellness-Drinks! Our webshop will guide you through the order process of your Water Kefir grains step by step! If you order from outside Germany delivery is possible by prepayment (credit card, PayPal, Amazon Payments, bank transfer and express / priority bank transfer). A shipping charge of 6.90€ applies for deliveries of a single Water Kefir culture, and 14.90€ for larger shipments including glasses, accessories, etc. Free shipping within Europe starts from 150 €. If you order from Germany we offer all named payment methods and additionally COD (cash on delivery). Fixed shipping charge within Germany is 4.90€. Completely free shipping within Germany starts from 75 €

How long does the delivery of my Water Kefir grains take?
Fast and secure shipping of your Water Kefir order
Fast and secure shipping of your Water Kefir order

Our guarantee: We are going to ship your Water Kefir starter kit(s) via DHL no later than 3 workdays after we have received your payment. In order to keep delivery time as short as possible, we do not ship directly ahead of weekends and before official German holidays. Your Water Kefir starters will be carefully packed for you just right in time at the date of dispatch. This additional effort guarantees for your culture being sealed no longer than absolutely necessary. Expiration date of the sealed delivery is 12 days from the date of shipment.

Water Kefir: Products and Shipping

How many Kefir drinks can I produce with my first Water Kefir Crystals?
Water Kefir with orange slices
Water Kefir grains grow and grow and grow

Unlimited! Our Water Kefir culture continues to grow, splits apart and propagates with no end. You may cultivate the grains anew as often as you like. Our shipped organic Water Kefir drink with Japan Crystals (medium size) is enough for a first batch with 1 liter of water. Your beverage is then ready to drink after about 1-3 days of fermentation. Since the Japan Crystals are doubling about every week, which is not uncommon, the amount of possible Water Kefir drink increases accordingly. With good living conditions and thorough care, the Water Kefir grains may service you for a lifetime – all you need is just a small amount for takeoff, because it is not about the quantity but the quality of the cultures. We assure you of that we only use fast-growing and high-quality cultures.

What ingredients do you use for the cultivation of your Water Kefir?

Our Water Kefir is solely nurtured with the best organic ingredients: sugar, figs, lemons and lemon juice are from certified organic farming only. It was therefore awarded the official “Bio” label according to the EG-OEKO-Regulation (eco control authority DE-OEKO-006 / ABCERT AG, Esslingen, Germany). For our Quality Guarantee in full detail, please click here. You may also get all information about our products in our online shop.

Does delivery do any harm to the Water Kefir Crystals?

We are Germany’s oldest supplier for Water Kefir (Japan Crystals) and do look back on more than 10 years of successful shipping experience by now. Our Kefir crystals are being carefully packed for you just right in time at the date of dispatch. This additional effort guarantees for your culture being sealed no longer than absolutely necessary. Our Japan Crystals are shipped in an already finished Water Kefir drink serving as your initial culture medium and protection whilst transport at the same time. This way, shipping for several days does no harm but please be advised to open and nurture the Japan Crystals anew right upon delivery; please pour away the initial culture medium before you start another batch with your new Water Kefir grains.

How is the Water Kefir packed?

The Water Kefir drink with the grains is hygienically and securely packed in a food-safe plastic bag. Your shipment is well protected against shocks and comes in a stable packet. The bag does not release any unwanted substances into the Japan Crystals and is guaranteed Bisphenol-A free.

How do you handle transport damage?

Of course, we will deliver replacement to you for free in any case of such damage.

Water Kefir: Production and Use

How can I produce this delicious Kefir drink myself?

On our dedicated Water Kefir preparation page, we provide a short and easy starter’s guide for your first production of Water Kefir as well as a detailed how-to manual with many useful tips and tricks. As a matter of course, every Water Kefir Drink with Japan Crystals we ship comes with an additional detailed how-to manual in English language.

How do I split and grow the Water Kefir grains?

This happens virtually by itself. Over time, new Japan Crystals develop automatically, and with optimal conditions your Kefir crystals will double from batch to batch within about a week. Usually very soon, you will have more Water Kefir grains than you actually need – you could just split the culture or give it away as a gift to a friend.

Do I have to clean the grains and the fermentation container with every new batch?

Your fermentation container (e.g. closable glass, Mason jar) should be cleaned well and rinsed hot in any case for every new batch. Please also clean the Water Kefir grains every time in a plastic sieve briefly with cold water – just as described on our Water Kefir preparation page.

How do I know my Water Kefir culture is healthy?

Normally, Water Kefir is a strong community (symbiosis) of yeasts and bacteria that can defend itself very successfully against contamination by other microorganisms. Spoilage is virtually impossible if you reasonably follow the basic rules for Kefir production, especially for hygiene; only use good and fresh ingredients (also see Water Kefir preparation). If your finished beverage smells musty or behaves otherwise weird, please pour away the whole batch for safety reasons. Then thoroughly rinse your Water Kefir grains in a plastic sieve and start all over again.

My Water Kefir grains only grow very slowly!

“Japan Crystals” do usually grow very quickly. Nevertheless, this culture seems to be picky sometimes and also grows only slowly in some districts which may be due to heavily chlorinated water. Another but more commonly situation is this: Water Kefir works properly in soft water (=lime-free) but doesn’t grow either. In this case, try some mineral water from the bottle which should be hard enough in general. If you want to test your tap or mineral water, simple tests for the measurement of carbonate hardness (KH) are available in any pet/reptile shop for a reasonable price. Your “Japan Crystals” feel comfortable at a hardness level of 4 or higher.

If changing the water quality doesn’t work for you, you may also try this:

  1. Switch to another type of dried fruits which are not sulfurized and free of preservatives. Your Water Kefir will show the best growth with dried figs or apricots. Raisins in your Water Kefir may taste scrumdiddlyumptious but slow down the growth of your Japan Crystals mostly to a great extent.
  2. Store your batch in a really warm place and the fermentation process will speed up markedly while boosting growth in particular.
  3. Do not use too many and also not too few “Japan Crystals” – the bottom of your fermentation container should be well covered otherwise the process might be very slow. However, if the crystals pile up more than 4-5 cm, they will also hinder each other in their growing.
Can I also use fresh fruits and tea bags for the preparation of my Water Kefir?

Many Water Kefir fans use fresh fruits or tea bags for their culture medium. This gives a particular delicious and refreshing beverage rich in variety. For all experiments, however, it is important to have a regular fermented drink with dried fruits ready as your backup just in case an experiment goes wrong. If you try Water Kefir with fresh fruits, please follow in especially the rules for cleanliness and hygiene. There are still gems on the hull of the fruits after washing them which may subsequently contaminate your batch; this is rare but can unfortunately not be ruled out. Just for you, we have prepared many tips and suggestions for manifold batches of Water Kefir on our dedicated pages for recipes.

My Japan Crystals have turned reddish or brownish!

It is often the case that Water Kefir crystals change color. This is mainly due to the use of dried fruits or additional teas and is usually no sign for bad quality. It goes away by itself as soon as you use other fruits or omit the teas.

How long can I keep my bottled, finished Water Kefir drink?

One or two days of second fermentation in your fridge often yield an in particular sparkling Water Kefir. After that you should drink your beverage within a few days. And since your little friend produces new Water Kefir every day, you are always supplied with a fresh drink.

What do I do with my Water Kefir if I want to go on vacation?

If you go on vacation and can’t take care of your Water Kefir for longer than 8-10 days, it is best to keep it in the fridge for the time being. Fully cover your “Japan Crystals” with water and add about 1-2 TBSP sugar per liter and use a capping which is not completely airtight. When you return home and want to start a new culture, please pour away the old fluid in any case and set up a fresh culture medium. It may take some batches until your Water Kefir grains will have recovered to full extent.

Some Water Kefir fans report that they also have deep-freezed and revitalized their grains successfully. This may work but is not our recommendation.

Note: All information and tips on our website have been selected and verified by us with great care. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee for the currency, completeness and validity of the given data. We assume no liability for any damage and or accidents.
When following our recommendations, tips, and notes, please also use your own personal judgment and experience in the proper and safe handling of food.