Water Kefir - Recipes

Variations and special batches for Water Kefir (Japan Crystals)

The Water Kefir grains are almost indestructible so that you can add all desired ingredients while fermentation already – you will get a surprising new drink every time. Therefore, the following recipes do not contain Water Kefir as a single ingredient but are meant for using the Kefir crystal directly. The basis for all recipes is always our master recipe for Water Kefir.

Basically all citrus fruits, dried fruits and teas (best in bags for easy removal) as well as spices and herbs (mint, thyme, rosemary) are suitable for the production of Water Kefir. Only for fresh and raw ingredients (fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, elderflowers) caution is advised meaning that you should also have some regular fermented Water Kefir aside as a backup. This is only to secure a spare culture of your Japan Crystals just in case an experiment goes wrong.

Over the past years, our Water Kefir friends have developed a large number of delicious culture medium variations for your Japan Crystals. Many ingredients can be easily modified or even replaced.

The Recipes

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