Kombucha vinegar

Delicious kombucha vinegar practically comes into being on its own

In order to make delicious Kombucha vinegar yourself, prepare a branch of your Kombucha scoby from Wellness-Drinks, as described on our page with the classic Kombucha recipe. Then simply leave the preparation for 4 to 6 weeks. When you go on holiday, it happens all by itself! The finished fermented Kombucha is acetic, biologically particularly effective and contains only little sugar. The longer the fermentation time, the more acidic the vinegar. Even if you prepare the Kombucha with more sugar (110 g per liter) the end product will be more acidic.

The result is a fine-spicy and fragrant vinegar, which can best be compared with the valuable apple vinegar or balsamic vinegar. You can use it just like normal vinegar, for salads, sauces and dressings, for example for Spicy Kombucha ketchup, for a Fiery peppers Kombucha chutney (beware, danger of addiction!) or even extra healthy, lactic acid Kombucha sauerkraut.

Kombucha Vinegar can be perfectly combined with herbs.

Herbs and spices for herb vinegar can be marinated wonderfully in your Kombucha vinegar. Dill, juniper berries, thyme, mustard seeds, sage and rosemary are excellent. However, after a short fermentation at room temperature (maximum 24 hours), the vinegar should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 1-2 weeks.

Our tip: Kombucha vinegar is also the best choice for most of our Kombucha cosmetic recipes because it contains the highest content of organic acids.

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